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EKG WebMaster
Due to the lack of use of this forum, it has been decided to suspend it's use.

The website and Facebook remains unchanged and club members are reminded that they can also subscribe to our WhatsApp Group by contacting Mark (WebMaster) with your details.

I understand we have a few die-hards that still like to keep an eye on the forum even though there's hardly any new postings - so rather than just delete the forum, I've scaled it down a bit and left it as is.. because after-all there's some interesting articles and pictures contained in these posts.

I aim to keep a 'News' page regularly updated on the website where you'll find mini articles of news and reports of what's been happening lately in the club. If members have any news or reports, you can either send them to me, post them to Facebook or submit them for inclusion in the clubs 'Kite Wings' magazine.

EKG WebMaster